No Vox at the European Social Forum in Malmö

Tuesday 9 September 2008

No Vox will attend the ESF in Malmö from17 september 2008 till 21 september 2008 and is organizing the following activities (check that page for possible updates)



download the official venues and map guide

General Meetings and workshops :

Poverty in Europe


Languages : EN, FR, HU

time : Thursday :18h-21h

Organizers : IPAM, No-Vox

Venue : Friisgatan 15 B, Möllevången Mazettihuset (Mazettisalen)


How to achieve making Housing Right a common right fo everyone everywhere in Europe


Languages : EN, HU, TR, FR

time :Friday : 18h-21h

Venue : KFUK-KFUM, Betaniaplan 4


General Meeting Assembly of the urban social movements

Languages :DE, EN, ES, FR, RU, TR

time : Saturday : 9h30-12h30

Venue : Sofielund, Enskifteshagen, Tält 2


Struggles in defense of urban public spaces and open cities in Europe and against speculation


Languages : EN, FR, TR

time : Sunday : 9h30-11h30

Venue : Rosengård, Folket s hus Rosengård, Festsalen


Assembly of grassroots movements of « have not » (no right, no job, no roof, no documents)

Languages : EN, FR, PT

time : Sunday : 9h30-11h30

Venue : Rosengård. Värner Rydénskolan


Permanent No Vox self managed space


download the official venues and map guide

Exhibition about social struggles

Films screenings introducing open debates

Film about No-vox : film about the many struggles of the grassroots movements

Thursday 11h30 – 13h

FRAPRU : film about the camp of the have-not (no cash, no roof, no right, no word to say) during the celebration of Quebec City’s 400th anniversary

envoyé par avenir_vivable

Thursday 15h00 – 16h30

Film about rue de la Banque : a street camp in center of Paris of families reclaiming housing

Friday 11h30 – 13h

Film about evictions of a popular community in Istambul

Friday 15h00 – 16h30

Film about elected housing : Yurts, tents, mobilehomes... Is there a future for this kind of housing in Europe ?

Saturday 18h – 19h30

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