Call to protest : A Brazilian Delegate to No Vox International Meeting deported by Spanish Authorities

Tuesday 9 December 2008

An International Delegation at the Spanish Embassy in Paris

Monday 8th December was the first day of No Vox International Gathering in Paris bringing together delegates from a dozen countries.

We were informed, on Sunday December 7 that the Brazilian delegate appointed by the MLNM (National Movement for the Right to Housing) was prevented without reason by the Spanish authorities to take his flight to Paris at Madrid airport.

Despite the intervention of No Vox Network which immediately confirmed its invitation to the Spanish Border authorities, Mr. Jose Antonio De Araujo (who is recurrently flying to Paris) was sent back to Sao Paulo on sunday around midnight.

Meeting on Monday in Paris, all the delegates and the International No Vox Network as a whole strongly protested against this scandalous decision by the Spanish authorities. Such an arbitrary decision is fully inacceptable. Every Delegate was accepted for a Schengen Visa on the basis of the same documents we faxed to Spanish Borders Authorities. And as A Brazilian Citizen, Jose Anotonio is allowed to enter the Schengen countries without any visa...

An International Delegation had an audience at the Spanish Embassy in Paris on Monday evening to reclaim official explanations and apologies from the Spanish authorities. Mr. Jose Antonio De Araujo should have immediately been authorized to fly to Paris at the Spanish authorities expenses.

Unfortunately, the day after we had an official answer through the Embassy. The documents sent to the Border Authorities were "not enough" for him being allowed to cross the borders of Europa Fortress (although they had been sufficient for other delegates to have a Schengen visa delivered!!!!) So deportation was "legal" (and ordered by an "independant" judge!) That’s how Europe is !

It appears that on sunday 7th, about 30 Brazilians waiting for a connection flight in Madrid Airport including Jose Antonio were deported back at random.

Humiliations of Foreigners at European Borders are enough. Arbitrary Schengen must stop. Not in our name !

Protests have taken place in different countries on Thursday 18th December.

A new delegation had an appointment in Paris the same day. The only 4 peoples were welcomed by important French police forces outside and Spanish inside. It seems that the Wall of Schengen has turned authorities crazy, including in the comfortable Embassy in Paris. We are now waiting for the official answer.

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