Declaration of No Vox Network and FRAPRU - Convergence Assembly of inhabitants

Thursday 8 September 2016

No Vox - FRAPRU - Declaration of Convergence Assembly of Inhabitants for the right to a decent shelter, housing, urban life and the right to land - 10-11 august 2016.

For the right to decent housing and shelter, for the basic right to accessible and affordable space where everyone can live in security, peace and dignity;

Against the privatization, commodification, speculation and financial manipulation of real estate, housing and land;

Against evictions / expulsions / land grabbing / forced displacement and social cleansing / gentrification / urban segregation suffered by low-income populations, the consequences of market and urban policies especially provoked by major renewal projects and international events with disastrous consequences;

Against the degradation and increased precariousness of housing and living conditions experienced by a significant portion of the world’s population caused by capitalism, inequality, war, climate change...

Call to Action The Convergence Assembly on THE RIGHT TO DECENT SHELTER, HOUSING, URBAN LIFE AND THE RIGHT TO LAND organized with the 2016 World Social Forum, issues a call for action all along the month of October 2016 in the framework of:

• the World Habitat Day October 3, 2016;

• the Forum of resistance and alternatives to Habitat 3 (UNO) to be held in Quito (Equator), from 17 to 20 October, 2016;

• against the INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY MARKETPLACE (MIPIM) to be organized in London from October 19 to 21 2016.

Furthermore, the Convergence Assembly on THE RIGHT TO DECENT SHELTER, HOUSING, URBAN LIFE AND THE RIGHT TO LAND organized with the 2016 World Social Forum

• declares its solidarity with refugees evacuated from Fukushima in Japan, denounces changes in radiation standards that violate the health and safety of inhabitants from the region, demands their resettlement and financial compensation, declares its commitment to circulating the international petition of support and to organizing acts of solidarity (dates to be announced).

• denounces the violent and illegal eviction of the residents of the Coopérative sur Généreux, a space of alternative community living in Montreal (Quebec) and demands their reoccupation of the premises;

• calls for solidarity and mobilization in support of the Alternative Summit to be organized January 12 to 14, 2017 simultaneously with the Franco-African Summit of January 12 to 15, 2017, in Bamako, Mali and denounces the evictions / land grabbing caused by the commodification and speculation of habitat and land in Africa;

• calls for mobilization against the International Property Marketplaces (MIPIM), to be held in Cannes (France) in March 2017 and in Tokyo, Japan in May 2017 to denounce the merchandizing and speculation of housing and the land.

* On this assembly, organized by FRAPRU and NoVox network, members of 3 network have participed : NoVox, Habitant International Coalition (HIC) and International Alliance of Inhabiatants (IAH)

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8 September 2016
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