France - Association pour l’Emploi, l’information et la solidarité – APEIS (Association for employment, information and solidarity)

Thursday 1 September 2005

An organisation created to resist

APEIS in French means Organisation for Jobs, Information and Solidarity. It was created in 1987 to resist the lack of respect for the rights of jobless people.

The long series of fights we have been fighting has made possible the development of a movement of jobless people. Today this movement is fully recognised, enabling unemployed people at long last to speak out, to express their discontent, to bear witness about the hardships of their poverty and exclusion .

Being active in 20 French counties our organisation plays a telling role. We are a sort of social itching powder, an opposition force, we prevent society from being content , even if we disturb above all if we disturb..

The things we reveal, the things we bear are not negligible. When we are fighting to enable every man and every woman to play a part in society we are not asking for any poor’s status nor for any unemployed status, we are fighting for equal rights. Not to be undone do things with APEIS.

See online : site do APEIS

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